Hi MDP-eighters!

Ian reacted on the blog of Cornelia that she set the standard high, and I must agree. Compliments Cornelia, I enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate this initiative.

Because we all know how it works. We want to keep in contact but just do not have, or better, make time for it. And now we have to, specially when Cornelia chases you like she did me….. But it helped and here I am!

To find inspiration I decided to write this on my laptop, sitting on my sofa with a very nice glass of wine. It is Friday night and the weekend starts. For me this means sport time because my youngest son (14) plays in the local soccer team and I am their coach. And we are not doing bad. They play two half competitions and tomorrow they can become champions. And I have to say, this is better then our national soccer team has achieved for quite a number of years. Wonder if my son has to play in the national team for more success or if it is the coach who makes the difference 😉

I am not really living in one of the metropoles of the Netherlands. My house is situated in Ophemert, a country village of 2000 people, right in the middle of country. This area is called the Betuwe and it is the fruit centre of Holland.


 But there is a century old connection between Ophemert and the Cologne of Cornelia. We are connected by the great river the Rhine! I just have to walk out of my street  (50 meters) and I am standing at the border of the river.


Ophemert is a small, but very ancient village. We have a small 17th century castle, still owned by the Scottish Baron MacKay. a descendant from one of the oldest Scottish clans. And I am living here in an old farmhouse together with my wife Annette and sons, Kevin and Dylan.


And about LR the Netherlands, well, we are doing quite well. Our office is in the centre of harbour city  Rotterdam (of course). We have a shared office with all the LR groups in the Netherland.


I am still working for LRQA. But there has been a recent change in my job role. Since November 1st I have been appointed as Global Product and Technical Manager Food. This is a full time job now so I can concentrate fully on the development of our food services. And as you know, I do not mind some dining and drinking…. One of the things I have still on my agenda is our cross selling initiatives. Must say that was quite a challenging project. But if you read the project, I still think there are great ideas described.  So a global contract with Carnival for food safety management systems is still on my challenge list….

Coming back to Rotterdam, it has quite a history. It is the only city in the Netherlands with a very modern skyline and only a few old buildings. The reason is that the city was bombed during the war. But now it is an exiting city with a lot of good restaurants and bars and of course an exiting harbour!

Ok, I have poured my 6th glass of wine now ;o)  (they really helped me writing this) and will stop before I start telling you the real delicate things….

I am looking forward to the next blogs and wish the writers lots of luck!

Best and warm regards and hoping to speak / meet you soon again!